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Feedburned fingers and Firefoxed timestamps

The blogosphere is filled with many rants & raves. Not a reason per se to start ranting as well, yet sometimes stuff is simply unrelated and on your mind. Today is a good example: the current template is not compatible with firefox, the beta version of the content engine seems is coping with lingering timestamps and relative paths are feedburning our fingers. is powered by a great .NET engine and runs on interim builds until version 1.2 is released. The used theme appears not be Firefox compatible and that's a bloody shame. When there is enough public interest again in ClubLantic, we will create a customized theme and engine. Obviously, then showing correctly in all popular browsers.

Feedburner is used to provide a user-friendly feed. Currently, the content editor trims the full URL if links are pointing to the same domain space. Unfortunately, FeedBurner doesn't resolve those relative paths to the proper location: if you click a link in a feedburned post, it either fails or redirects to some other site, yikes! For now, only click the headline and then use the link at this site.

The last challenge we are experiencing, is the time zone offset with the host of this site in combination with the timestamps of posts. Hopefully a new build of the engine resolves those issues, else it's just crossing our feedburned fingers while we are developing new content.

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