About ClubLantic

 Memoirs of the music label since the 90s

Back in the 90s, music groups were producing songs and distributing the files over the Internet. ClubLantic was one of the most popular producers of quality club music. The first song released under the ClubLantic music label, was published in 1996. Despite the group was active for less than two years, ClubLantic released over 60 songs.

Many fans around the world downloaded and enjoyed the exclusive style of the united musicians at ClubLantic. Several tracks won awards and ranked high in the charts. Unfortunately, trackers are not quite as popular today as it was back then and requires special software to play.

Therefore, ClubLantic.com provides rereleases in MP3 format, memoirs and anything the community desires. Post your comments and be part of that club!

The 90s songs will be randomly rereleased at no fixed schedule initially, while the aim is to publish one rerelease every week. The archive does not contain all rereleases right away and might contain pending entries. Those with specific community requests get higher priority. Subscribe to the Announcement feed if you want a notification of posted rereleases, since the actual files are timestamped with the original release date.

ClubLantic.com might turn into a ‘tracker museum’, the innovative music label to promote community music or nothing but sentimental value if there is no public interest. All suggestions are very welcome, so please share yours. Former members are encouraged to get back in touch. The more help, the faster and better the community can develop.

Published on August 28, 2007 – modified: August 2, 2015
by a ClubLantic ‘ReMember’ (former group member)