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Ultra club song rereleased: “Da Boy is Banging”

Alright people, the next rerelease will be publised as soon as all content has been imported back into the main GoDaddy-ad-free hosting account. Grab this new fine rerelease composed by Stormlord. "Da Boy is Bangin'" is a great example of the definition of cool club in the '90s.

Since the actual MP3 files are enclosed in the post, yet not attached – we've decided to include the download link both in the announcement as in the actual, detailed track page. Download your copy directly below or check-out the original release details (also with the same download link; comments are enabled too, so please let us know what you think!).

(for some reason the links are still relative and trims the full domain name; no problem for on-site navigation but feedburner can't handle those)

Download Da Boy is Bangin in MP3 (4.17 mb)

Whatcha think?