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First Josuf rerelease now a fact: “Friendship”

More details and download link are available here.

Most people today, use a feed reader to get automatic notifications. Some readers don't consume posts with a very old timestamp, resulting in missed information. That's why an announcement is also posted, which obviously has the current date and time and is picked up by your reader of choice.

So if you're wondering why there are two seperate posts for every rerelease, there is the announcement and the post with original track details. For historic purposes, the track information (and download link) are timestamped with the original release date. This way, the archive provides an accurate overview of when a track was originally released and also when it got rereleased.

The remaining question is: What post should contain the actual song in MP3 format? Currently it's attached in the original track details, but perhaps you want it enclosed in the announcement. That way, podcast enabled feed consumers can directly listen to the song.

Please let the community know what you want!

Whatcha think?